Gaited Clinics & Lessons

"Creating the Smoothest Ride in the World!"


(See Before & After Video Clips Below)

We offer both group clinics and individual lessons to help people get the fullest enjoyment with their gaited horses. We customize the routine and schedule to each individual horse/owner combination. We are not running a program for entertainment, but a down to Earth clinic to teach each participant specific ways to improve their riding experience. We are not set up to cater to large audiences as we need to spend all the allotted time working one on one with each person and their horse. We take the time and necessary steps to ensure that every client gains the education and experience they need to improve their understanding and skills so they can move towards fulfilling their objectives with their horse.

We address numerous subjects that may affect how a horse gaits and go over each of them with every horse/rider combination. These include such things as saddle fit, which bit or headstall is best for each horse (and how to determine this), shoeing methods and needs of each individual horse.

The majority of time is spent helping each rider learn to get their horse in the smoothest gait that horse can do. This involves a lot of teaching the rider and the horse as well so that when the clinic is over they can go home and continue improving together. From past experience we have seen that 80% of people leave after a one day lesson with total excitement over what they have learned and how nicely their horses are moving. Another 15% leave satisfied that they have seen a measure of improvement and are confident in their new found ability to work with their horses. There are of course a few who go home dejected that they spent $ on a horse with no potential to gait well. We will not beat around the bush to make you feel good... I've been accused quite accurately of being too honest and straight forward, even blunt. That's the way you'll get it. When you pay me to analyze your horse I will tell you its strengths and weaknesses and not leave you guessing. 

If you are desiring to improve your horse's obedience, ground manners, turning and stopping skills, etc. my "gaited clinic" is not the place. We are focused on improving the quality of gaited horse's gaits. If you are wanting to compete in the Tennessee Walking Horse or Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed or any other show circuit, then don't waste your time or money with our clinic, as I will not . If official showing is your game, that's fine, but our clinic is not designed to help you. The gaits that usually win shows are rarely the most comfortable gait a horse has to offer. If your desire is to get the very smoothest ride your horse is capable of giving you, that is our specialty!  

In clinics we can present videos in slow motion to help people recognize different gaits & watch themselves and their horses. We can show you the difference between a foxtrot of the 1970's and the modern foxtrot of 2000's. We can show you the difference between a 1950's running walk and a 2012 running walk. We can teach you the difference between a running walk, foxtrot, pace, rack or any other gait you'd like to learn. In many cases, horses can do a variety of gaits...even some that their particular breed is not known for. This is because of their common ancestry. 

In a personal or small group setting we actually video each person riding their horse. Then we let them watch the video at different speeds while instructing them how to correct what the horse is doing. Then we practice it with them, repeating this process until they are doing well by themselves. In larger groups we don't have time for the videos but will do that on request for any participants that need it.

Another fun option is to plan a TRAIL RIDE CLINIC where I come with your group and take turns riding next to or behind each person, coaching you one at a time how to get your horse to gait better. This has been a very enjoyable and successful learning environment for many people!

Whether your club wants an educational evening presentation about different gaits, and getting the best out of their Gaited Horses, or you desire a lesson to really help you & your horse out personally, we will be glad to provide these for you! The largest group we like to work with in a day is 15 horse & rider pairs, but we are willing to travel for groups as small as 5 people. The fee for these services vary depending on the time involved, and other factors such as distance and if I need to haul horses.  As a general rule for clinics with 10 or more people we charge  $100/person/day, plus the cost of our travel and lodging and any arena fee. If you split this between several people it's not very expensive. For smaller groups, just divide $1,000 by the number of participants to figure the rate/horse. (A person may bring more than one horse to the clinic, but I charge for each horse in the clinic.) 

For individual lessons at my place we charge $50/hour. One on one lessons allow me to focus on you and your horse and progress is made quite rapidly in most cases. Most people are riding their horse in a better gait than they ever knew it could do within a couple hours and by the end of three hours are ready to go home with the knowledge and confidence to gait well from then on! I have had several people tell me that they've spent over $1,000 on clinics that didn't teach them nearly as much as ours! Our rates are very reasonable because we are excited to help you get the best out of your gaited horse. This is my passion & my hobby as well as my vocation for the last 25 years!



Clinic & Lesson video clips

I am going to start saving recordings for this page... I wish I had video of the hundreds of different horses we've helped to gait better! Many hard trotted just like a thoroughbred or QH, others did a totally lateral pace at all speeds, some did animated & exaggerated show gaits that were not enjoyable to ride. Then after our clinics their riders were able to enjoy the SMOOTH gaits the Foxtrotters, Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle Horses, Rocky Mtn Horses, and other nicely gaited breeds were originally developed for!

Some Before and After Lesson Clips:

Mike's Palomino Foxtrotter (Before & After only 1 hour lesson)

Nick's Buckskin Foxtrotter (Before & After 2nd lesson)

Lynn's Black Tennessee Walker (Before & After only 2nd lesson)

Todd's Sorrel Tennessee Walker (Before & After only 1 hour lesson & then After 2nd Lesson)


St. George, Utah Clinic Jan 2012

This spotted saddle horse X MFT cross filly is owned by Chalayna Martineau, 14 yrs old, from Hurricane, Utah. She raised the filly from weaning and trained her as well! She did a great job training her, but didn't know how to get her to gait before this clinic. Clinic in 2008...

Dr's Vanity trotting before clinic
Dr's Vanity Learning To Gait
Dr's Vanity Learning To Gait 2

This black gelding was a strong pacer, but just needed to be taught to scoot his hind end under him (shift weight off the forehand) and elevate his front end, thus he learned to do a good flat walk, and running walk....

Zorro Pacing and then starting to gait



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