DeMille Draft Horses & Gaited Crosses

We have sold our draft horses, and just show them here as a special Remembrance Page, in their honor. We love them and are grateful to The Lord for the special time we have had with them, and the memories they brought into our family!

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Watch the YouTube video of our team in the annual Genola small town parade, June 2012!


Our family has raised draft horses for many years; in fact, one of my first memories as a child was sitting between the hames and holding on to them on the back of our old Clydesdale, still wearing my diaper, as she pulled the wagon loaded with sugar cane to be pressed & cooked into molasses. Through the years we have had Belgians, Suffolk Punch, Clydesdales, Percherons and various crossbreeds. We have used many old fashioned farm implements and also pulled buggies for weddings, parades, and other parties. We love these gentle giants!

Over the past 20 years I've bred a number of non-gaited mares of numerous breeds to my gaited stallions and have been amazed at how well many of the offspring gait, and regardless of gait or not, all of the draft X gaited crosses make wonderful horses for riding, pulling or both. We have sold a number of really nice gaited draft crosses around the country, and people are loving them.




Xena stands 17.3 hands and weighs a ton!

The kids enjoyed riding her as well as her being the wonderful pulling mare she is, both single and in the team.

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Glory stands 18.1 hands and weighs over a ton! She is a great pulling mare and a real sweetheart.

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