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Rawhide's Rowdy Comet (SF)


Comet is a 2010 model, gorgeous 15.1 hand bay Single-Footing gelding that is gentle, smooth, fast, and fun to ride anywhere by anyone. He is well trained and as perfect a horse as any I've ever known. He neck reins, is calm for shooting guns off his back, gaits smoothly at any speed from 2mph-over 20mph on verbal que, and is simply a wonderful riding horse! He is one of our horses that we ride all the time, so he's not for sale. Sorry! :(  This is an example of what can be produced by crossing a trotting Standardbred Stallion, like Bad Cat, on MFT, SSH, TWH, SHOBA, RHBAA, RMH, Pasos & any other smoothly gaited mares!

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CometAlma20615.JPG (782672 bytes)  CometSingleFootElberta1.jpg (424499 bytes)  CometRackingElberta.jpg (490832 bytes)  CometClimbingUp.jpg (403760 bytes)  CometSkyline.jpg (281050 bytes)  CometComingDown.jpg (303913 bytes)  CometFoxtrotSagebrush.jpg (504476 bytes)  KIMG0104.jpg (455782 bytes)  KIMG0105.jpg (178709 bytes)

CometFace.jpg (70973 bytes)  CometSidePortrait.jpg (150465 bytes)  CometFront.jpg (99340 bytes)  CometGaitFront.jpg (86309 bytes)  CometGaitSand.jpg (135684 bytes)  CometGaitSand3.jpg (167168 bytes)  CometSandDance.jpg (150430 bytes)  CometSunnyMane.jpg (108978 bytes)  CometFace3.jpg (52002 bytes)

CometRacking.jpg (86845 bytes)  Comet7.jpg (316530 bytes)  Comet8.jpg (120838 bytes)  Comet3.jpg (104367 bytes)  Comet6.jpg (196047 bytes)  CometBBackHalter.jpg (100273 bytes)  CometJohnnyOnBack.jpg (99197 bytes)  Comet1.jpg (213112 bytes)  cometBABY.jpg (116422 bytes)

Watch Comet Doing Various Speeds of Comfy Trail Gaits in the Western Sagebrush Desert:

Click to Watch Comet Gaiting Slow (5-6mph) on Rocky Downhill Slope!

Click to Watch Comet doing various gaits in the beautiful Utah Mountains!




Phoenix Rising (SF)

Phoenix617.jpg (91777 bytes)  Phoenix617Walkn.jpg (139111 bytes)

Phoenix is a 2012, 15.3 hand trotting-bred Standardbred gelding. He is a great ride and also drives buggies. He is a big, smooth, gentle, speed horse deluxe! :)

Check back again for more photos and videos...





Old Yeller

Yeller is a sweet horse that never kicks, bucks, or does anything wrong...he doesn't even poop!

In fact, he just sits on the porch all day waiting for his little buddy Kai to come jump on and ride!

0817111253a.jpg (417721 bytes)

Owned by the Kai Monster

$50,000 (Price Firm)




Rowdy Rawhide's Chicken

$50,000 (Price Firm)


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