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Rawhide's Rowdy Comet (SF)


Comet is a 2010 model, gorgeous 15.1 hand bay Single-Footing gelding that is gentle, smooth, fast, and fun to ride anywhere by anyone...just that "perfect horse" everyone wants! He neck reins, is calm for shooting guns off his back, gaits smoothly at any speed from 2mph-25mph on verbal que, and is simply a wonderful riding horse! He is one of our horses that we ride all the time, so he's not for sale. Sorry! :(  This is an example of what can be produced by crossing a trotting Standardbred Stallion, like Bad Cat, on MFT, SSH, TWH, SHOBA, RHBAA, RMH, Pasos & any other smoothly gaited mares!

ADComet.JPG (346671 bytes) AlmaCometAboveRedValley3.JPG (575054 bytes) CometEars.jpg (328127 bytes) CometBabylonMill.jpg (976151 bytes)

CometAlma20615.JPG (782672 bytes)  CometSingleFootElberta1.jpg (424499 bytes)  CometRackingElberta.jpg (490832 bytes)  CometClimbingUp.jpg (403760 bytes)  CometSkyline.jpg (281050 bytes)  CometComingDown.jpg (303913 bytes)  CometFoxtrotSagebrush.jpg (504476 bytes)  KIMG0104.jpg (455782 bytes)  KIMG0105.jpg (178709 bytes)

CometFace.jpg (70973 bytes)  CometSidePortrait.jpg (150465 bytes)  CometFront.jpg (99340 bytes)  CometGaitFront.jpg (86309 bytes)  CometGaitSand.jpg (135684 bytes)  CometGaitSand3.jpg (167168 bytes)  CometSandDance.jpg (150430 bytes)  CometSunnyMane.jpg (108978 bytes)  CometFace3.jpg (52002 bytes)

CometRacking.jpg (86845 bytes)  Comet7.jpg (316530 bytes)  Comet8.jpg (120838 bytes)  Comet3.jpg (104367 bytes)  Comet6.jpg (196047 bytes)  CometBBackHalter.jpg (100273 bytes)  CometJohnnyOnBack.jpg (99197 bytes)  Comet1.jpg (213112 bytes)  cometBABY.jpg (116422 bytes)

Watch Comet Doing Various Speeds of Comfy Trail Gaits in the Western Sagebrush Desert:

Click to Watch Comet Gaiting Slow (5-6mph) on Rocky Downhill Slope!

Click to Watch Comet doing various gaits in the beautiful Utah Mountains!

Click to watch Comet burning across Antelope Island, Nov 2017!




Phoenix Rising (STB)

Phoenix617.jpg (91777 bytes)  Phoenix617Walkn.jpg (139111 bytes)

Phoenix is a 2012, 15.3 hand trotting-bred Standardbred gelding. He is a great ride and also drives buggies. He is a big, smooth, gentle, speed horse deluxe, who is also learning the joys of Western Living and the fun of endless miles of dirt roads and beautiful mountains! :)

Check back again this fall for more photos and videos...




Noble Manner (STB)

    NobleWalknMtn.jpg (779230 bytes)  NobleFlatWalk1.jpg (737051 bytes)  NobleSF4.jpg (675591 bytes)  NobleSF3.jpg (541162 bytes)  NobleSF2.jpg (661214 bytes)

Noble.jpg (207066 bytes)  NobleFace.jpg (60437 bytes)  NobleBigGuns.jpg (127477 bytes)  NobleSingleFoot.jpg (206924 bytes)  NoblePedigree.jpg (86196 bytes)

Noble is a 2013, 16.2 hand, trotting-bred Standardbred gelding...and still growing! He is a nice buggy and riding horse. He is learning the ropes of mountain riding, following elk herds, and visiting the beauties of the Rocky Mountains now! He can gait smooth as a bicycle on pavement up the trails and even through the rough country. His power is exhilarating to feel! He will also get to have fun racing at 20-30+ mph along many a dirt road as well, to keep him happy, and a big smile on our faces!

Click for Video of Noble Manner, cruising through the Utah desert!




Silver Stingray (SF)

Birth: SilveradoBirth.jpg (426628 bytes)  SilveradoBirth1.jpg (328464 bytes)  SilveradoBirth2.jpg (352379 bytes)

3 days old: Stingray3days.jpg (225765 bytes)  Stingray3daysKissn.jpg (337570 bytes)

2 weeks old: Stingray2Weeks.jpg (152484 bytes)  Stingray2weeks2.jpg (184480 bytes)  Stingray2weeksfront.jpg (167400 bytes)

3 weeks old: Stingray3weeksA.jpg (221026 bytes)  Stingray3weeksB.jpg (334626 bytes)

Stingray is a gentle, adorable, amazingly gaited, silver dapple Singlefooting foal, born 7/11/2017. His sire is a 16 hand TWH stud with strong Pusher and Merry Boy lines & his dam is our pure Standardbred mare, Porsche. This is one handsome colt! It will be so fun to see how he matures, as he has such a large sire and small dam and lots of variety in his gaited genes... He sure does a great running walk from day one... time will tell what else he can do! We have enjoyed watching him flat walk, run walk, and rack by a week old, so expect him to be an awesome Single-Footing Horse!




In Memory:

Rawhide's Raging Gladiator (SF)

GladiatorBirth.jpg (293674 bytes)  GladiatorBirth3.jpg (374950 bytes)  GladiatorBirth1.jpg (246191 bytes)  GladiatorBirth2.jpg (247676 bytes)  Plasma Tfer.jpg (54661 bytes) 

Foaled 7/29/17, Gladiator is a stunning buckskin stud colt, sired by Rowdy Rawhide's Rock and out of our Singlefooting mare, Speed Dreamin'! With both parents standing 15.2 hands and gaiting 25-30+mph, this handsome colt is expected to be absolutely amazing to ride & worthy of keeping a stallion, for sure!

Gladiator passed away at 11 days old, from a septic bacterial infection, but holds a special place in our hearts and he touched many lives. Thank you SO MUCH to all who helped try to save him and assisted with the cost of his veterinary care. Your charity helped us pay half his vet bill and your goodness really touched our hearts, inspiring us to be more lovingly aware and generous to others in need! God bless you all!




Rowdy Rawhide's Chicken (SFxChicken)

$50,000 (Price Firm),

but we can only sell him if you can catch him!



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