HeZa Bad Cat is available to breed your mares via frozen semen that can be shipped to your vet upon request.

The Rock has been sold and has moved to Lewisville, Idaho where he'll be standing stud. I still have a few LFG Stud Services I own (as part of his sale contract) and can use them on my mares or sell them, so contact me if interested.

Cherokee has been sold and has moved between Denver, CO and Santa Fe, NM & will be standing stud in Antonito, Colorado.

(See more individual information under each stallion's photos below.)

People should realize that Single-Footing Horses, like Bad Cat & Rock (below), can do comfortable gaits ranging from a slow non-gaited walk up to the speed of a running horse, and every speed in between, and through all kinds of terrain. They are NOT just flat land, road horses, but in addition to being extremely smooth to ride, are some of the most agile, sure-footed, amazing athletes in the world, that make the greatest trail and mountain horses!



HeZa' Bad Cat (STB)

Black Standardbred Stallion!

Frozen Semen $500/Dose or $1,000 Stud fee w/LFG

Produces 14.2-15.2 hand, amazingly smooth, fast gaited Single-Footing foals out of any breed of gaited mare!


cat1MayUpSky2.jpg (417003 bytes)  Kitty3.JPG (486173 bytes)  KatSandMtn.jpg (970928 bytes)  KatHeather62615d.jpg (1209015 bytes)  KatHeather62615c.jpg (1158253 bytes)  KatHeather62615b.jpg (1058324 bytes)  CatHeather20615.JPG (605607 bytes)  CatHeatherKisses.JPG (728842 bytes)  CatHeatherSmile.JPG (566688 bytes)

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Cat Racking (6-20mph) & Single-Footing (at 30+ mph!)

   Kitty.JPG (721899 bytes) Kitty4.JPG (433763 bytes) catracelr.jpg (982208 bytes) Kitty5.jpg (455036 bytes) Cat1May2.jpg (924474 bytes) catracelfrr.jpg (1070406 bytes) catracerflr.jpg (1095214 bytes) catracelf2.jpg (1026746 bytes) Cat3.jpg (144340 bytes)

Walk, Flatfoot Walk & Foxtrotting (2-10mph)

  catwalkheatherup.jpg (570548 bytes)  Cat1MayFlatWalk.jpg (997667 bytes)  Cat1MayFoxtrotting2.jpg (834084 bytes)  Cat1MayFoxTrotting.jpg (963267 bytes)

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We don't race our horses a lot, but they have great capacity for "Speed when you have a Need"...or just want to have fun! We have clocked Bad Cat numerous times (with 3 different gps units and 3 different automobile speedometers) going 30mph & have twice clocked him at 33 and 35mph! In most situations we ride at more relaxed speeds like 6-20mph, as riding them faster is the same as running a QH or TB horse full speed in a race. Doing that too much can be hard on their body and also wears them out fast, as well as causing them to be high minded, always wanting to go full speed. We love riding at a variety of speeds all over the deserts and mountains; it is so fun & addictive!  Cat gaits smoothly at every speed from a 2mph slow walk to a 30+ mph single-foot, and any speed in between! He has a great slow walk, flat foot walk, glass smooth foxtrot, comfy rack and his "To Die For" single-foot that can be done around 12-15mph for long distances or twice that fast for fun bursts of speed! He's like a sports car deluxe! Cat stands 14.2 hands & weighs 900lbs and is solid, like a tank, yet limber and flexible to really stretch out and move very nicely, with great endurance. Although small in size, he carries a 250 lb rider better than most 15.2 hand/1,200 lb horses can, and he sure doesn't feel small when you're in the saddle. My wife is much smaller than that, and is his primary rider but he sure is fun for me too! He is just plain awesome to ride! He's not been color tested, so we're not sure what colors he'll produce, but he is jet black and super well built and gaited. He can be crossed on any gaited or non-gaited mare to produce smooth, fast, fun gaited offspring. (When breeding to non-gaited mares it is always a gamble whether you'll get a good gait or not, but we've had many that are. Please don't breed a non-gaited mare unless you have a good use for a foal that may not inherit the gait, such as being a buggy horse or a nice non-gaited mount. This advice goes for all gaited stallions being bred to other mares.) Cat is a stunning animal to watch and a truly exhilarating and amazing horse to ride! He will produce foals that are very special, with great speed ability and range, super smoothness to their gaits and amazing well as being very gentle natured. Cat is an amazing stallion who can be ridden by kids or adults and is just a joy to be around! Also, for those of you interested in bloodlines, his sire is by Tell Star out of a Hanover mare and the dam is an Albatross X Virginia Undertaker mare... To see an example of what a great Standardbred Single-Footing cross on a Saddle Horse type mare, like a MFT, TWH, SSH, etc. can produce, see our Geldings page and watch the video of Comet, or on our Mares page watch videos of Lightning, Dreamin' and others.

Watch BAD CAT'S Videos below... Enjoy the Flight! :)



He'Za Bad Cat Video Doing Various Gaits & Speeds, Up & Down Hills, Through Rough Terrain & More! - July 2015

Bad Cat Video - Southern Utah Canyonlands, Sept 2015

Bad Cat Video - 2014 in Florida


You can purchase own your own supply of Cat's frozen semen, which can be stored for years and used whenever you are ready to breed your mare in the future! He will never produce more, as he was gelded in 2015, as he is my wife's favorite riding horse and even though he was gentle under saddle he was rough on trailers with other horses inside traveling to go on a ride. Right or wrong, we may have been to geld this super-human horse, he now has a limited supply of semen and no more opportunity to have his foals will be available when it is used up! We've saved what we plan to use in our breeding program and have a small supply to sell, to give others, like you, the chance to breed your mares to He'Za Bad Cat!


Click here to see Bad Cat Offspring


Breeding your mares to Bad Cat is only available with FROZEN SEMEN, by one of two methods:

1) You can purchase One Breeding Dose for $500 plus shipping of approximately $150 per shipment, total of $650. You can use the semen you've purchased to inseminate one or more mares. Each "Dose" contains 4 straws, each of which contain 2 Billion Live Motile Sperm, so you could potentially get up to 4 mares pregnant with the one dose, although recommended AI Procedure is to use all four straws, which make "one dose". No matter if you use it all on one mare or split it for multiple mares, you could end up with all pregnant mares or one or all open mares. Then, if you want more doses, to re-breed you'd have to re-order and pay the full price for each additional dose you order, plus shipping. You need to understand that you are not paying a "Stud Fee" which generally come with guarantees, but rather are buying Frozen Semen to do with as you please, at your risk or gain. The responsibility falls solely upon you and your vet to produce live foals, and no conception, live foal, or other guarantees are given or implied with the purchase of semen at the $500/dose price. 

2) You can buy his Stud Fee with a live foal guarantee for $1,000, which includes shipping the initial dose ordered. You pay $1,000 up front and we will ship you one dose of semen. This semen can be used ONLY on ONE mare per dose ordered. If she does not get pregnant, then you can re-order more semen & pay just the $150 shipping per order, up to 4 times, until you get that one mare (or a substitute mare) in foal.


Download & Print the pdf. form below, corresponding to the breeding option that you choose and mail to us along with your payment:




Bad Cat's Frozen Semen Statistics of  every breeding resulting in pregnancy currently stands at 68% conception. Don't let this %age scare you though, as it is updated following EVERY mare bred EACH TIME, then having an ultrasound... If your mare has a healthy reproductive system you will have better odds than this percentage because it includes problem mares that have been bred several times in a row without success, and each time the overall % goes down. Ie: in the under 10 yrs old category we've had 100% pregnancies this & last season, with the exception of one mare who repeatedly failed to conceive several times, thus bringing down the percentage of conception per breeding. But a number of mares all conceived on the first breeding. Clear as mud? Feel free to call and discuss these odds with me or with any other questions.




"The Rock" (SF)

Rowdy Rawhide's Rock

2 X World Champion Speed Racking Horse

15.2 Hand Seal Brown Bay Single-Footing Stallion

Rock is Standing Stud in Lewisville, Idaho

The Rock produces big, amazingly smooth, fast gaited Single-footing foals out of any breed of gaited mare!

I have ONLY 5 stud fees left to contact me for pricing options, such as repeat customer & multiple mare discounts, & other details.

We watched this stallion with awe for many years and love the offspring he's produced, so when the chance came up for us to own him we were very excited! We stood him in 2016-2017 to some really nice outside mares and bred some of our own mares, to produce the world's most gentle, smoothest, fastest, most athletic gaited horses ever imagined...and we're gettin' em! The athletic ability this horse produces is phenomenal both in endurance, balance, sure footedness & speed! He's smooth gaited at a huge range from a slow non gaited walk to over just choose your speed and float along like on a cloud! He was foaled in 1999, so should have many years ahead of him as a great stallion! After his original owner passed away, he went through several different hands and apparently had some periods of neglect & or mistreatment, resulting in one blind eye, hoof problems and terribly low weight... But, we have built him back up with proper nutrition and care, as you can see in his photos and the 1st video below. His coat has shed the dull, brittle hair and is slick and shiny now, his hooves are healthy & normal, without lameness from rotation, and they are strong & sound, his body weight is perfect, and his sperm count increased above normal great production numbers! You can search the world over and will find very few other stallions his equal! Contact us for booking your mare(s) for 2018-2019 to be bred to The Rock!

RockFace.png (935777 bytes)  RockLSide916.jpg (941406 bytes)  RockRSide916.JPG (415167 bytes)  RockTeasingLS.JPG (419930 bytes)  RockRear.jpg (138180 bytes)  RockRearLS.JPG (333221 bytes)  Rockwalk7.jpg (119471 bytes)  RockTeasing4.jpg (132631 bytes)  RockTeasingMare32017.jpg (453840 bytes)

 Rock2.png (1729542 bytes) RockFront.jpg (134316 bytes) RockSinglefoot1.JPG (87537 bytes) RockSinglefooting4.jpg (82701 bytes) RockSinglefooting6.jpg (94763 bytes) RockSinglefooting7.png (1707360 bytes) RockRacking3.png (1198828 bytes) RockSHOBAped.jpg (579795 bytes) RockRHBAped.jpg (558591 bytes) RockNASFHAped.jpg (207057 bytes)



Cherokee (MFT)

Cherokee has been sold and has moved between Denver, CO and Santa Fe, NM & will be standing stud in Antonito, Colorado. To contact his new owner call: Ami @ (385)775-3001


16.1 Hh Homozygous Tobiano MFT Stallion!

Produces all colors of Tobiano Paints!

CherokeeFace.jpg (64192 bytes)   CherokeeLSide2.jpg (408711 bytes)   CherokeeRSide.jpg (136695 bytes)   CherokeeLSideSmall.jpg (149183 bytes)   Cherokee16Hands.jpeg (98148 bytes)  Cherokee.JPG (183352 bytes)

CherokeeGaitLSide.JPG (564169 bytes)  CherokeeRSideGaiting.jpg (557127 bytes)  CherokeeLSideGait.jpg (298856 bytes)  CherokeeGaitRSide.jpg (363305 bytes)  CherokeeRideRSide.jpg (397092 bytes)  CherokeeRSideGait.jpg (374371 bytes)    CherokeeHair.jpg (442573 bytes)

  CherokeeFace2015.JPG (282259 bytes)  CherokeeGlassEye.JPG (441311 bytes)  CherokeeCrookedSmile.JPG (233362 bytes)  CherokeeBigSmile.JPG (183896 bytes)

Cherokee is an amazing stallion. He is very big (16.1 hands & solid), extremely athletic & beautiful, very well built & gaited and is also one of the most gentle stallions I've known in 30 years raising horses! He produces spotted foals every time, as he's a homozygous tobiano! They can be sorrel and white, black and white, tri-colored, bay and white, etc... but ALWAYS will be a tobiano paint pattern! Bring your mares to him if you want colorful foals with substantial size and super gaits and very gentle personalities. We love the foals this stud produces!


See Cherokee's Offspring Photos: Cherokee Offspring


Figure your mare's foal possibilities bred to Cherokee: Color Calculator 

To input Cherokee's color click Black & Tobiano & Red Carrier & Homozygous Tobiano, then input your mares color info to see what your mares can produce with him... Have fun!




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