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I do not claim to be a professional photographer, but I love animal and outdoor photography so much that I'd like to share my photos with ya'll. In high school I took a photography class, taught by a fun teacher, Lynn Chamberlain, and immediately learned to love catching the beauty of nature on film. I loved his wildlife photos. The passion he had for the beauty all around us in the mountains and deserts, surrounding my home town in Southern Utah, was contagious. For years I took photos of everything everywhere I went, and looking back I only regret that I had used such an inexpensive camera. I had figured the pictures were just for myself to jog my memory of the beauty I was witnessing and because I have a great photo-like memory of what I've seen, I didn't need to get a good camera. As the years went by, my family members and children expressed interest in having copies of my photos and as I looked at the many grainy, splotchy, poor looking prints I had in my memory book I felt sadness that I could not share with everyone else the amazing beauty of what I'd seen when taking those many photos. My sweet wife encouraged me to get a good camera and start saving photos worthy of sharing, and so I did. I make an annual calendar for my family with my favorite photos from that year. I hope you enjoy these photos as well.

These are low resolution copies on this website that I allow you to download free of charge (for personal use only) or you can pay me for a digital high resolution copy to make photos with or to send you postcard size fridge magnets-$5ea, or Posters 16x20-$30ea & 24x36-$50ea. + shipping. (Multiple item discounts available.)




 MooseGpaPortrait.JPG (433527 bytes) MooseGpaPortrait2.JPG (348630 bytes) MoosePairGpa.JPG (423773 bytes) MooseMommaNbaby.JPG (379440 bytes) IMG_2487.JPG (459711 bytes)  



ElkBull1.JPG (507605 bytes) ElkCowNCalf.jpg (1169771 bytes) ... 



BuckBuddies3.JPG (576021 bytes) BuckBuddies904.JPG (540898 bytes) buckface2.jpg (219061 bytes) camp buck7.jpg (356680 bytes) HBambi.JPG (507943 bytes) hbuckbigboyDusk.JPG (368135 bytes) HBuckBody.JPG (567850 bytes) HBuckFace4.JPG (411316 bytes) HBuckBuddy2.jpg (269444 bytes) HBuckFace.JPG (645797 bytes) IMG_0795.JPG (426351 bytes) IMG_0782.JPG (284499 bytes)  IMG_0783.JPG (313839 bytes) TameBuck9.JPG (440440 bytes) UintaDoe.JPG (610288 bytes) WaterBuckb.JPG (559519 bytes) AlbertaWhitetailDoe2.JPG (567212 bytes) AlbertaWhitetailDoe.JPG (671637 bytes) IMG_2663.JPG (514177 bytes)


Other Animals

Squirrel2.JPG (385321 bytes)  Squirrel1.JPG (323698 bytes)  IMG_0482.JPG (174431 bytes)  chipmunk2.JPG (362012 bytes)  Chipmunk1.JPG (342272 bytes)  buff 14 lookin at us.jpg (221686 bytes) Buff.JPG (264384 bytes) PronghornBuck.JPG (239640 bytes) PronghornBuckWalking.JPG (568621 bytes) BighornDesertRam2.JPG (637912 bytes) YoungRam.JPG (510075 bytes) BighornLittleDesertRam.JPG (623568 bytes) BighornDesertRam.JPG (602765 bytes) UintaHen.JPG (274694 bytes) ADeMilleCaribou1.JPG (604302 bytes) BlueHerron21.JPG (576998 bytes) Goosies.JPG (518931 bytes) MarmotToShoot.JPG (427290 bytes) AmericanAvocet3.JPG (493808 bytes) PellicanLove.JPG (318455 bytes) AlbertaBorealOwl.JPG (366389 bytes)



MtnSegoLilly3.JPG (269574 bytes) MtnSegoLilly2.JPG (298668 bytes) MtnSegoLilly.JPG (326272 bytes) FlowerFusiaHillside.JPG (425838 bytes)  FlowerFusiaPen.JPG (289594 bytes) NeboCreek2.JPG (534011 bytes) IMG_0486.JPG (434392 bytes) IMG_0487.JPG (206274 bytes) IMG_0488.JPG (330548 bytes) YellowTop.JPG (721451 bytes) IMG_0522.JPG (311317 bytes) IMG_0516.JPG (323186 bytes) IMG_0519.JPG (270563 bytes) IMG_0535.JPG (214607 bytes) IMG_0893.JPG (530318 bytes) FlowerPinkPen.JPG (230923 bytes) IMG_0532.JPG (305937 bytes) IMG_0533.JPG (368054 bytes) WildflowerHillside.JPG (769597 bytes) PineCones.JPG (388662 bytes) AspenLeaves.JPG (287105 bytes) 



HighUintasFallColors2014.JPG (627020 bytes) BlueLake.JPG (230082 bytes) IMG_1660.JPG (307318 bytes) BeaverHunter.JPG (466702 bytes) BeaverHutReflection.JPG (363185 bytes) buff country3.jpg (196599 bytes) buff country4.jpg (193611 bytes) IMG_1397.JPG (513234 bytes) IMG_1398.JPG (490329 bytes) BurnedOut.JPG (314007 bytes) IMG_0529.JPG (432507 bytes) MtnBurnedOut.JPG (210780 bytes) NotomRoadHills3.JPG (384555 bytes) NotomRoadHills.JPG (368971 bytes) EFCCcampView2.JPG (541898 bytes) EFCCcampview3.JPG (514634 bytes) FindinShade.JPG (601041 bytes) GreenForest.JPG (758086 bytes) IMG_0484.JPG (554931 bytes) IMG_0505.JPG (470540 bytes) IMG_0501.JPG (449604 bytes) IMG_0511.JPG (520932 bytes) IMG_1598.JPG (369807 bytes) IMG_1627.JPG (46180 bytes) LonelyTree.JPG (473913 bytes) LonelyTrail.JPG (645174 bytes) Mona2.JPG (384195 bytes) MonaUt.JPG (565614 bytes) NeboPainting.JPG (265878 bytes) SecretPlaces.JPG (652473 bytes) RainnRidge2.JPG (368994 bytes) NeboCreek3.JPG (630144 bytes) BooLand.JPG (368552 bytes) CaribouHeavenNL1.JPG (427070 bytes) FullMoon2B.JPG (204232 bytes)


FUN (No high res avail) Game Cam Pics:

bear2.jpg (51202 bytes)  coyote3.jpg (69997 bytes)  MFDC0002.JPG (237222 bytes)  MFDC0269.JPG (605901 bytes) MFDC0046.JPG (257576 bytes)

I am planning trips to get more Bull Moose & Elk and Mule Deer Buck Photos, hoping for some trophy shots... And may be doing an African Animal Section in the next year or two.

All these trips tend to add pictures to my scenery, flowers, and other wildlife sections as well. :)

Thanks for Visiting!