Horse Appraisal & Evaluation Services

 With a lifetime experience as an Equine Professional, dealing with all breeds of horses, I am offering my services to help folks know the value of horses they own, or are selling or buying etc.  My unbiased and knowledgeable analysis and report on a horse can be of great value for anyone needing to know what a fair price is for an animal, or even more importantly what a particular horse's strengths & weaknesses are so they understand the pros vs. cons of owning the horse. I charge $50 for a basic appraisal, which takes about an hour for me to look it over physically and to analyze its behavior and personality, plus a little bit of riding to evaluate it's training level. I charge $150 for an extensive evaluation, which usually takes me several hours, and also includes a number of tests I do in the saddle testing its training and behavior being ridden... such as spookiness, willingness, desire to please vs. a mind of its own, etc... Below I will show a blank form, which will be filled out during my evaluation with my report on each item listed. I will also show a filled in appraisal on an excellent quality filly, to show you how the form is filled in with my comments. The report will give an estimated market value on the horse and will list the reason(s) why it is higher or lower than other horses of the same breed and age. I will also list what level of rider I'd recommend for the horse and what the horse needs to improve on to increase its value. There is a lot more that goes into the evaluation, such as comments about CONFORMATION, PERSONALITY, HEALTH, & EVEN HOW COLOR OR AGE EFFECT ITS VALUE. :)


NOTE: The filly on the above report is an example of a really great quality horse, but its few imperfections were noted and deducted from its value. Many horses have more faults than this and their base price will be reduced accordingly, for each increments of $100-$2,500 each, depending on the seriousness of the fault. For example, I did another young TWH about the same time whose base market price started out at $2,000 as well, but after adding some $ value for its pretty tobiano coloring and then deducting $ value for its poor hooves, bad back, large drafty head, obstinate nature and extreme spookiness the poor thing ended up with a value of -$2,500! (NEGATIVE $2,500 Market Value!) This means the horse would be a loss to someone even receiving it as a gift! LOL.. This is sad, but true. I like it when I can give folks a positive report, but you can rest assured I will be upfront and honest in my appraisal of every horse that comes to me for evaluation! :)


Phone: (435) 632-2820

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