Click Here to watch a video of our horses elk hunting-20 min full video

(Or click below for the 5 min shorter version, for those interested in horses, not hunting)

Elk Hunting with our Gaited Horses Video Clip


Educational Gaited Horse Articles

Understanding Gaits!

Bits & Bridles For Gaited Horses

A Gaited Horse For You?

Which Breed Has the SMOOTHEST Gait? 

Gaited Horses Doing Other Breed's Gaits

Foxtrot Still Photo Comparisons w/Descriptions & VIDEOS (Modern vs. Old Style Foxtrot)


Brief Introductions to Some of the most common Gaited Horse Breeds with Gaiting Videos!

The Missouri Foxtrotting Horse

The Singlefoot/Racking Horse

The McCurdy Plantation Horse

The Tennessee Walking Horse

The Montana Traveler Horse

The Rocky Mountain Horse

The Spotted Saddle Horse

The Peruvian Paso Horse

The Walkaloosa Horse

The Paso Fino Horse

The Icelandic Horse


Articles About Horse Shoeing

The Natural Angle

Choosing A Farrier

Horseshoeing Myths

Natural Balance Shoeing

Dry Hoof Problems & Solutions

Shoeing for Rough Country Riding

Horseshoeing Services & Seminars by Alma DeMille


Letter of Concern written to MFTHBA Board of Directors  (regarding modern show gaits vs. smooth gaits)


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