He'Za Bad Cat Offspring



She'Za Cheetah

Daughter of He'Za Bad Cat & MO Traveler, Merry Boy Sensation MFT mare...1 Month Old Photos:

Cheetah1MoFront2.JPG (137778 bytes)  CheetahSinglefoot1month.jpg (284674 bytes)  Cheetah1MoFace.JPG (428761 bytes)  Cheetah1MoFront.JPG (548316 bytes)  Cheetah1MoTied.JPG (397039 bytes)

1 Month Round Pen Video Clip Showing Natural Gaiting Movement



Eye of the Tiger

Birth day: TigerBirth1a.jpg (467616 bytes)  TigerBirth2a.jpg (484334 bytes)  TigerBirth.JPG (653163 bytes)  TigerBirth5.JPG (506667 bytes)  TigerBirth4.JPG (462565 bytes)  TigerBirth3.JPG (556498 bytes)  TigerBirth2.JPG (627642 bytes)

One Week Old: Tiger1weekFront.jpg (530403 bytes)  Tiger1weekRside.jpg (450743 bytes)  Tiger1weekFace.jpg (323381 bytes)  Tiger1weekLside.jpg (253149 bytes)  Tiger1weekRear.jpg (332261 bytes)

One Month Old: Tiger1moFront.JPG (629934 bytes)  Tiger1moRear.JPG (520224 bytes)  Tiger1moWalk.JPG (617411 bytes)  Tiger1moFace.JPG (426971 bytes)

Tiger was foaled April 3, 2017 and is a gorgeous filly sired by He'Za Bad Cat and her dam is Dun Prayin' By Sunrise, a big beautiful well gaited racking foxtrotter mare. Tiger is a beautifully colored Grullo that should mature at 15 hands, 1000 lbs and be one speedy lil' cat! She was gaiting beautifully and smooth at all speeds right from day one and we've seen her Singlefoot smoothly at 15mph at a week old keeping up with her mother galloping across the field!



Rock's Black Panther

Birth Day: PantherBirthLying.JPG (698028 bytes)  PantherBirthFace.JPG (809827 bytes)  PantherBirthFront2.JPG (637258 bytes)  PantherBirthFront.JPG (738242 bytes)

One Month: Panther1moWmom.png (207862 bytes)Panther1moWmommy.png (198441 bytes)PantherAndMom1mo.png (203264 bytes)Panther1moWgypsy.png (196491 bytes)

Two Months: Panther2Months.jpg (315192 bytes)

Panther was foaled May 2, 2017 and is a lovely black filly sired by Bad Cat out of Gypsy, our Rock daughter! She is sweet and gaited to the hilt and is so adorable!!!



LaSal Mountain Jaguar

  LaSal17Filly.jpg (99904 bytes)  LaSalFilly17.jpg (129758 bytes)  LaSal17Filly2.jpg (156790 bytes)

Jaguar3.jpg (99908 bytes)  JaguarFace.jpg (79013 bytes)  JaguarRside.jpg (128921 bytes)  Jaguar.jpg (155279 bytes)



All those who bred mares to Bad Cat, please send us your baby pics to put on this page!!! Thanks!