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Nation-Wide Corrective Horseshoeing

Alma is a certified farrier & blacksmith with many years of experience. He has spent several years full time, working on show and competition horses, from coast to coast and horses with problems that your local horseshoer needs help with. If you have a horse with special problems, please contact us. Costs for these services includes airfare & lodging for two, cost of supplies used to help your horse, and an hourly rate of $100 while working with your animal.


Professional Farrier Seminars

We help certified farriers and part-time horseshoers gain essential knowledge needed to ensure quality workmanship for your horse's health and performance. Horseshoeing seminars can be conducted in conjunction with The American Farrier's Association & local Farrier Association Conferences & Seminars, or by Private Lessons for Professional Farriers.


Private Lessons for Horse Owners

Private lessons are also an option for you if you wish to learn how to take care of your horse's hooves, pull a shoe, trim etc. I charge $100 for a shoeing lesson & $50 for a trimming lesson. In these lessons I will walk you through each step & supervise every move you make with your horse. If it takes you an hour or several hours, I will patiently assist you to learn what you're wanting to know, or until your body gives out and I have to finish for you.  And then I'll explain each thing I do and why as you watch. :)


Horse Owners & Club Seminars

We also conduct a 1-3 hour seminar and demonstration for responsible horse owners, which teaches them proper hoof care. This is a great event for saddle clubs and other groups who are concerned with the proper care of their animals. We give them the education to recognize the quality of horseshoeing work being done on their animals. (There are many good farriers in the country and we hope yours is one of them. But, as an owner it is your responsibility to see that your animals are cared for properly!The cost for these services includes airfare & lodging for two and a $500 fee.


Articles About Gaited Horses, Hoof Care & Other Farrier Info


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