Our Guarantees


100% Training/Behavior Guarantee of Satisfaction

We are dedicated to making sure all our customers are 100% satisfied with the horses they purchase from us!

We are disgusted with the reputation "horse traders" have and the many stories we know of people getting taken advantage of.

(Unfortunately, it has even happened to us a few times!)

For this reason we are making a stand for the way we think horse buying should be...A PLEASANT, RISK FREE EXPERIENCE!

We give a 100% refund guarantee for 30 days from the date of purchase on all the horses we sell that have finished their training with us.

We do not offer this guarantee on horses that are not fully trained, as it is beyond our control how the training is finished

 after leaving our care. In order to return a horse to us for a refund, the animal must be in the same healthy condition as it was when we sold it.

The horse must also have no new major behavior problems indicating abuse or mistreatment.

Any behavioral issues (if any) that are not included in this guarantee will be specifically disclosed up-front in the Purchase Contract...so ANY OTHER PROBLEMS you encounter will be covered!



Sale Guarantee of Health

We guarantee all horses we sell to be sound and healthy at the time of purchase, unless specifically described otherwise in the sale agreement. New owners have 30 days from the date of purchase to have any veterinary post-purchase exams done on the horse to return it to us for a full refund, in the event that a debilitating or serious health issue is found. Any problem found must be a pre-existing issue and not one that has developed after the sale, in order to return it. Minor blemishes or possible future problems are not covered by this guarantee, but only those that cause the horse to be lame or unsound or unhealthy or unable to be ridden. Prior to us accepting a horse for return and refund, we will also require that our vet whom we know and trust, examine the animal at the buyer's sole expense, and verify whatever problem has caused the buyer to want to return the horse. We advise all buyers to do a thorough pre-purchase exam if minor health issues or blemishes or a pre-disposition to any kind of illness or future problem is of importance to them. 


We are passionate about helping people find the horse of their dreams!

We only sell horses that we would be excited to keep for ourselves!

We look forward to earning your business!

Alma & Heather DeMille


When our horses are "finished" you can shoot off them safely, as you'll see in many of our videos.













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