The Montana Traveler Horse


The Montana Traveler Horse Association was established in 1983 to continue the breed established by Tom Eaton of Nye, Montana. The lineage goes back to the early 1930's with a Hambletonian cross mare bred to an American Saddlebred. Also included were; Morgan, Austrian Thoroughbred, and Tennessee Walker sires and mares who fit the criteria of a selective breeding program Tom established. 

The characteristics were: a great depth, a saddle back (good top line), conformation, disposition, good feet, running walk gait, and stamina. The final cross with a foundation mare and a Tennessee Walker stallion produced the basis of the breed "The Montana Travler" - an outstanding stud colt.

Justin Morgan established a great breed from one outstanding stallion. The Montana Traveler is the result of not only a great stallion, but selective breeding over a period of many years. To continue the breed, a colt from one of the foundation Sires - in order to be registered - must be presented under saddle to three directors. The horse must be two years old, a direct descendant of the "Travler", and have the conformation, disposition, and gaits consistent with the breed.

The "Montana Traveler" horses are known as gentle, smooth riding, sure footed, versatile, with good endurance and a natural desire to please. These horses are not as common or well known as some other gaited breeds, but the ones I've worked with and ridden have been excellent animals that you could not tell apart from the very best Tennessee Walkers or Missouri Fox Trotters. In fact, they all did the same gaits and looked the same as horses I've raised in both the afore mentioned breeds. If you'll take notice of the beautiful Montana Traveler Horse above you'll see its gait in the classic foxtrot silhouette. I have ridden them doing all these gaits just as well as any horse: a slow walk, flat foot walk, fox walk,  Indian shuffle, fox trot, running walk, rack, non gaited trot, canter, gallop, and run.



The link I used to use no longer works and I can't find it searching online. If anyone has a link to the current registry/association please email it to me please so I can add it here. Thank You!

Also, I'd appreciate a video of any Montana Traveler horse in gait to show folks as well. Thanks!


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